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FREE Domestic Shipping on Orders $90 or More! (Exclusions Apply)

Yokomo SP-03 D V2 Programable Brushless Drift Servo (Purple)

by Yokomo
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Product Code: SP-03DV2PA

This is the Yokomo SP-03 D V2 Programmable Brushless Drift Servo. The SP-03D V2 is equipped with an updated program that offers faster speed, higher torque, and incredible holding power. 

As a drift-only servo, the hunting suppression function that prevents malfunction is just as important as the specifications. This suppression function is also equipped with the latest program, which makes it possible to run the steering gyro with a higher gain than normal. If you use a dedicated programmer, you can change the performance of the servo and the hunting suppression level, so you can fine-tune the steering characteristics to your liking.

  • Adjustable to suit your track surface via a new design program card.
  • Full aluminum case that enhances both cooling and looks
  • To prevent weight increase in the front we have designed weight reduction into the case.
  • Brushless motor & high voltage power gives outstanding precision and torque.
  • High precision aluminum gear set used for weight reduction and high dive efficiency.
  • Operating Voltage: 4.8V-7.4V
  • Torque:
    • @4.8V: 180 oz-in (
    • @6.0V: 222 oz-in (
    • @7.4V: 249 oz-in (
  • Size: 1.6x0.79x1.02in (40.8x20.2x26.1mm)
  • Weight: 1.72oz (49g)
  • Color: Purple