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FREE Shipping on Orders $100 Or More! (Exclusions Apply)

Yokomo BD11 4WD Electric Touring Car Kit (Aluminum Chassis)

by Yokomo
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Product Code: MRTC-BD11A

**Please note this is NOT the latest US Spec model. It includes the BD10 aluminum chassis and not the recently released BD11 US Spec aluminum chassis. Everything else is identical to the new release**

The Yokomo BD11 1/10 4WD Electric Touring Car Kit has been tested in the top races in Europe. While refining the suspension and drivetrain, the ultimate goal of this project is to create a fast, yet user friendly competition grade touring car, that is easy to work on. The platform offers incredible steering, with a balance of flexibility and rigidity, combined with simple to adjust suspension to increase the sense of security for the racer to concentrate on the drive to the top of the podium.

  • The high-rigidity long suspension arm is a hybrid design made up of carbon, composite and aluminum parts, reducing chassis roll and improving corner speed. Durability is confirmed by repeated tests, and it is possible to attack corners with confidence.
  • The kit is equipped with an RTC (rear toe control) system as standard. While increasing the turning speed, it is possible to increase the corner exit acceleration, which is indispensable for modern racing touring cars.
  • The front shock tower has undergone a dramatic reshape. By separating the left and right, it gives flexibility around the front and a sleek finish. 
  • The double joint universal on the front has been redesigned to improve accuracy and durability. The stabilizer is also installed under the suspension arm to promote lowering the center of gravity.
  • The upper deck has an updated shape to compliment the flex setting of the chassis, allowing the rigidity balance to be adjusted according to the surface conditions. The rear side of the upper deck is fixed with a post, and the roll is set to move while maintaining the pitching rigidity by holding the bearing and finely adjusting the clearance.
  • The joint between the rear side of the upper deck and the bulkhead is Yokomo's original ATF system (Active Top Deck Flex) that supports roller pins with an O-ring sandwiched between them. The twist of the chassis is pulled out to the maximum and the rear traction is enhanced. By changing the hardness of the O-ring or changing to a spacer, it is a point that you can freely control the turning performance.
  • The front and rear shock absorbers have a re-designed shaft guide, achieving even smoother operation.